We are happy to release the first versions of the webhook system on InviteLogger. Its goal is to allow more flexibility around our services and allow our customer to implement their own automations to expand even more InviteLogger's capabilities.

Use case example: I want to register every inviter in a google spreadsheet

Please note that this feature is only available for gold (=premium) users

What is a webhook?

Webhooks are a way for public service such as InviteLogger to spontaneously interact with external services like zapier or even your own private api. Once a certain event is triggered on the bot (i.e a member joining your server), InviteLogger will send a request with a specified payload to your services.

How to set up InviteLogger webhooks ?

To use InviteLogger webhooks you must setup a way to receive them by :

  • Registering to an automation platform (zapier,,

  • Or by installing your own web service to listen for InviteLogger webhooks and handle data on your side (coding skills required)

    Once your service is ready, paste run the /webhookconfig command and provide your link and an authentication key to ensure webhook security.

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